Try An Oyster At Captain Eddie’s Seafood

If you’ve never tried oysters, now is the time to try one at Captain Eddie’s Seafood!

Fresh shucked oysters on a platter

Flavorful And Packed With Nutrients

Oysters are flavorful and delicious. They can provide you with vitamins and nutrients too. This seafood is rich in vitamin B12, iron, selenium, zinc, copper, and vitamin D. Several of these vitamins are the most common vitamins that people are deficient in. Eating oysters can replenish lost nutrients, improving your overall health. Additionally, all of these vitamins are valuable to men and women, especially older adults.

High In Protein

Oysters are also high in protein. One oyster can have as much as 2 grams of protein, depending on its size. If you eat a half-dozen oysters, you can get as much as 12 grams of protein, which is as much as about 2 ounces of meat.

Low In Calories

In addition to offering a lot of protein, vitamins, and nutrients, oysters are also low in calories. A batch of six medium-sized oysters is less than 50 calories. This satisfying serving is heart-healthy and ideal for those looking to lose weight.

An Aphrodisiac

Lastly, oysters are rumored to be an aphrodisiac. While there is little scientific support for this claim, ordering up some oysters for yourself and a date can be a great way to set the mood.

Captain Eddie’s Seafood is located at 107 E. Colonia Lane in Nokomis, FL. We hope you will stop by soon to try our fresh, flavorful, and nutritious oysters!

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