6 Benefits of Eating Seafood

Eating seafood regularly is fantastic for your health in many ways. Captain Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant explains why consuming seafood such as fish, lobster, and crab is so beneficial. Essential Nutrients The beauty of seafood is that it is low in saturated fats, high in protein, and loaded with vital nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, and … Read more

Health Benefits of Eating Crab

Crab is a popular shellfish that people order time and time again when dining at restaurants. This edible delight has the ability to be served alone and can also be easily incorporated into various dishes. Captain Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant discusses the health benefits that eating crab affords. Awesome Source of Protein Seafood is low in … Read more

Best Florida Fish to Enjoy in June

June is an ideal month in Florida for fishing enthusiasts. Although the temperatures get hot, hot, hot, the fishing remains perfectly fine. Fishing is fruitful all over the Sunshine State throughout the summer months. Warm waters attract tons of fish ready for the taking…or catching! Captain Eddie’s brings you the best fish to enjoy in … Read more