Best Beer to Pair with Oysters

Food and beverage pairings can take your dining experience to the next level. If you’re planning on enjoying a seafood meal with oysters, consider pairing your food with beer. These are the best oyster and beer pairings. Oysters and beer are a better pairing than you may think. Oyster has a brine that not only … Read more

Celebrate National Beer Day at Captain Eddie’s Seafood

Founding father Benjamin Franklin once famously remarked that “beer is proof that god loves us and wants to ensure our happiness.” Considering the long-lasting love affair that Americans have with sudsy beverages, this statement seems quite prophetic in hindsight. Beer, it’s wonderful, isn’t it? This tasty beverage is enjoyed not just in America but the … Read more

Reasons to Enjoy Live Music at Captain Eddie’s

Live music at Captain Eddie’s Seafood can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your dining experience. Not only does it provide a pleasant background ambiance, but it also creates a unique and memorable atmosphere. There are several reasons why you should enjoy live music at a restaurant. Enhance the mood  Live music can enhance … Read more

Celebrate National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day at Captain Eddie’s Seafood!

At Captain Eddie’s Seafood, we take an incredible amount of pride in the food we serve. This is because we feel that our customers deserve the very best when it comes to meals and their individual dining experiences. Maybe you’ve already made reservations to spend Valentine’s Day at our location with your significant other. And, … Read more

Enjoying Valentine’s Day in Nokomis

With the month of January approaching its inevitable conclusion, February will be here before you know it. And, as you know, February is known for two distinctive things. The first, it’s the shortest month of the calendar year. The second is Valentine’s day. And, if you and your partner aren’t sure what to do on … Read more