Mistakes You Might Make When Cooking Fish

Whatever you do, don’t ruin a good seafood meal by succumbing to the most horrendous cooking mistakes. Captain Eddie’s Seafood delights in not only preparing exquisite fish dinners, but we also sell it fresh directly to you. That means you have the opportunity to prepare an awesome fish fry, but don’t make these rookie preparatory bumblers.
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Common Fish Cooking Mistakes

  • Poor Deboning
      • One of the first things you should do after gutting a fish is to double-check for missed bones. There are many tiny ones that are difficult to spot. Mind you, this is also true of products you buy that should already have bones removed. Never assume anything. Always recheck because nothing ruins good taste more than inadvertently sinking your teeth into… a bone.
  • Using Way Too Much Salt
      • Too much sodium can spell a lot of health problems and negate all the fabulous health benefits of consuming fish. What’s worse? Over-salting has the tendency to sap it of its moisture. Dry seafood destroys a good dining experience.
  • Failing to Pat Dry Your Fish
      • On the other hand, it’s not your goal to have sloppy-wet seafood either. If the fish is too wet or oily, it’ll burn easier, or lose most of its flakes and fall apart. Try to lightly pat it down and remove most of the extra juice.
  • Flipping the Fish Excessively
      • You’ll hear the best chefs and grilling experts warn against flipping meat repeatedly. Most amateurs want to feel like they’re doing a good job by constantly moving things around on the pan or grill. When you do that too much, it breaks up the fish and makes a mess out of your finished product.
  • Cooking Away Your Entire Fish
      • Just like with other meats and foods, you don’t want to cook seafood into oblivion. While everyone likes the occasional cajun dish, many seafood items lose their flavor if you try to blacken them. Check with a good chef or recipe book for how to prepare each fish type. As a general rule of thumb, cook for about five minutes on each side.

Preparing a good fish meal isn’t always easy. It takes time, practice, trial, and error to get the hang of it. We think if you avoid these beginner pitfalls, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success.

Captain Eddie’s Seafood is the place to go for the freshest seafood variety. Our market is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day in Nokomis, FL. If you don’t want to cook, that’s no problem. You can visit us for seafood entrees and drinks while you catch live music almost every day. Happy Hour is always a blast here. Contact us to learn more, at 941-484-4372.

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