Live Music is Good for Your . . . Health?

We see people wracking their minds for ways to live healthier all the time. Well, we know of a couple of solutions:

1) Eat more seafood (at Captain Eddies!), and 2) Try going to live events.
live music near venice
What? Yes, you can actually improve your mental and physical health by listening to live music. Here’s how that works.

Health Benefits of Live Music

  • Natural Stress Relief
      • This is the big one for busy Floridians who need a timeout from their job. Work is great, but so is well-ordered recreation. Good music really does the trick here.
      • Even beyond workplace stress, there’s a scientific link between enjoying live music and less stress during surgery.
  • Healthy Dopamine Rush
      • We’re not talking about addiction or huge dopamine hits. No, live music is a nice way to experience a more moderate, calmer dopamine rush. Granted, it depends on the type of music, but it’s generally a safe and solid means of getting the happy juices flowing.
  • Forget Distractions, Pain, and Aggravations
    • Again, some of the daily tasks consume way more of our time and energy than they’re worth sometimes. You may not be able to set aside every care or worry (that would be unreasonable), but you can afford a temporary reprieve.

These are just a few reasons you should consider reinvigorating your live music hobby. Better yet, why not come do it with us . . . 

Captain Eddie’s – The Best Sarasota Seafood & Live Music

Captain Eddie’s is proud to announce a long list of live events happening throughout the entire spring and summer. Almost every night, you get the opportunity to sample new live music options. They include:

  • Tiki Sharks
  • Chuck Andre
  • Bain Beakley Duo
  • . . . and more, virtually every night of the week.

So, we hope you’ll join us and support these up-and-coming local talents. There’s plenty of variety in style and genre, which means you won’t get bored with the same old sound.

Captain Eddie’s Seafood happily facilitates great food and a fun environment for live music. While you’re enjoying the tunes, don’t forget to indulge in a tasty seafood appetizer like Smoked Fish Dip, Fried Calamari, or Hot Crab Dip. We also have plenty of drink options, including Key Lime Tini, Fish Bowl, and plenty of domestic/import beers. We can’t wait to see you, and if you have any questions, call us at 941-484-4372.

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