Interesting Facts About Fish

Fish is not only a tasty and healthy dietary option, but it makes for some fascinating conversation, too. Captain Eddie’s Seafood presents some very interesting facts about fish below.
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Lobster. This delicious shellfish has an incredibly long lifespan of up to 40 or 50 years and is able to grow in length to an amazing one meter. Lobsters contain zinc, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B and vitamin E. The consumption of lobster has terrific benefits in terms of supporting heart and brain health. Dining on lobster has the ability to increase a person’s bone density and help ward off osteoporosis.

Crab. There are more than 4,500 different species of crabs in the world and they generally live for three to four years. Crabs have the impressive capability of surviving and thriving in various environments. Some of the places that crabs can be found are in the ocean, underneath the ice in Antarctica, on trees, and even within the cavities of volcanoes, believe it or not! Adding crabs to your diet is a smart decision since they are loaded with Omega-3. This advantageous nutrient is known to improve brain function and hinder the development of heart disease.

Shrimp. Every single shrimp is born as male; however, a number of them go on to develop into female as they mature. Shrimp have the fantastic property of being low in mercury. They are chock full of Omega-3, protein, and calcium, offering plenty of valuable properties. A kind of shellfish that has the appearance of a large shrimp is called a blue prawn. This type of prawn is a notable source of selenium, a powerful antioxidant that is effective in sustaining healthy cells in the body.

Oysters. Many people think of beautiful pearls when oysters come to mind. The manner in which oysters create pearls is by producing coatings around unknown entities that get too close. And so, smooth and stunning pearls appear! By the way, oysters are great to eat as they are full of zinc and magnesium.

Salmon. According to salmon, there’s no place like home…literally. Salmon actually make their ways back to the streams of their birthplaces in order to lay their own eggs. Abundant in Omega-3, vitamin B, and protein, salmon is a fatty fish that can help to reduce the risk of heart disease when consumed on a regular basis.

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