How Appetizers Became So Popular

When you sit down at a restaurant, one of the first things you do is check out the appetizers on the menu. Oftentimes we order some appetizers to hold us over before our meal or share with friends. Appetizers are common now, but they weren’t always this popular. To learn how appetizers became so popular, continue on.
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Appetizers are dishes served prior to the main course of a meal. Appetizers control appetite and set the tone of a meal. You may also know appetizers by their French name, which is hors d’oeuvre. This word translates to “outside of the masterpiece.” 

The first documented instances of appetizers started with the Ancient Romans and Greeks, who served fresh fruit, wine, olives, and cheese before their meals. Throughout the years, appetizers were usually only consumed by those who had access to an abundance of food. However, appetizers were also sometimes used by those who had less access to food but wanted to spend quality time with friends or family by stretching out their meals and eating smaller quantities of food over a longer period of time.

During the Renaissance period, physicians recommended individuals eat small morsels of salty meat before a meal to prepare the digestive system for the main course. It has been observed that cultures across the globe have eaten appetizers before meals for centuries, leading to the appetizers we know today.

Modern-day appetizers are similar to appetizers from centuries past. When you order from Captain Eddie’s Seafood, you can order some mouth-watering appetizers to prepare you for a delicious meal. Some of our appetizers include jumbo chicken wings, shrimp cocktails, and deep-fried wild gator bites. We also serve coconut shrimp, which is made with jumbo shrimp prepared in our homemade batter with coconut shavings and served with marmalade sauce.

We also serve cold peel-and-eat gulf shrimp, fried calamari, and fresh-shucked raw oysters. Consider ordering our smoked fish dip if you’re interested in house-smoked local fish, vegetables, and spices, served with fresh-fried tortilla chips. We even have seared ahi tuna and Prince Edward Island steamed garlic mussels for you to dine on before your salad, sandwich, pasta, or entree from Captain Eddie’s.

We hope to see you at Captain Eddie’s soon! We are located at 107 E. Colonia Lane in Nokomis, Florida, and we can’t wait to share our appetizers with you.

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