Guide to Locating the Freshest Fish

There’s a slight science to selecting fresh fish when you visit a seafood market. Captain Eddie’s in Nokomis receives only the freshest seafood because we know how to identify it and avoid expired fish. Now, you can discover how to do the same anytime you visit a seafood market.
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Guide to Locating Fresh Fish

  • Look for Bright Skin
      • Fish should have a bright and metallic appearance. Expired products might show signs of discoloration, dull spots, and an overall less vibrant look after several days.
  • The Meat Should Be Springy
      • Old meat won’t rebound back to its original form if you press down on it. Fresh fish is springy and resilient.
  • Fresh Fish Have Clear Eyes
      • The eyes are the “windows into the soul,” according to some philosophers and spiritual commentators. This is somewhat true of fish as well. If their eyes are dull or sunken, then it’s probably a bit too old. Always go after bright and clear eyes when purchasing seafood.
  • No Loose Scales
      • Scales need to be firm rather than flaky or loose. Don’t buy anything when the scales fall off when you rub your hand over the meat.
  • Healthy Gills
      • Fish gills should appear red and moist. They’ll start to look brownish after several days. You shouldn’t see slimy gills either.
  • Watch out for Milky Liquid
      • You should notice some liquid on any fresh meat, especially fish. However, it needs to be clear and never milky or translucent. Milk coloring could be an indicator that it will be rotten within a couple of days.
  • Avoid Bad Smells
      • The so-called “fishy smell” is actually a sign of less freshness, not more. Good seafood should be free from odors other than a slight hint of seawater.

So, there you have it. These are the easy steps to finding quality seafood like a pro. It’s not too overwhelming. Also, if you don’t want to locate your own fish, you can always stop by for a nice ready-to-eat meal from our large entrée menu.

Captain Eddie’s is the best place to enjoy both fresh and prepared seafood in Nokomis, FL. We have abundant selections of salmon, shellfish, flounder, tuna, and more at our fresh market, open seven days a week. If you’d like to learn more about fresh fish, call us at 941-484-4372.

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