Get Yourself Some “Softies” Before it’s Too Late!

When it comes to exploring the vast world of seafood, there are an almost endless variety of cuisines, delicacies, and methods of preparation. Like many forms of art, the ideal and best-tasting variety isn’t cut and dry and is entirely subjective to individual taste. Objectivity and personal taste aside, you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find someone who has negative comments to make about soft shell crabs. So, what is it about these delectable morsels that makes them so popular among casual and die-hard fans of seafood? We’re about to find out. 
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Same Great Taste, Hassel-Free

Many will agree the crab meat is among the tastiest food that one can consume. However, the process of obtaining it is more difficult than it needs to be. Of course, we’re not referring to the actual harvesting of the shellfish, but the arduous task of getting to the meat when it’s on your plate. Cracking through that shell and exoskeleton, it’s time-consuming. Soft-shell crabs eliminate this task from the process entirely, it’s the best of both worlds; wonderful tasting crab meat without the unnecessary effort. 

Eliminating a Popular Misconception

Because they lack a hard shell, it’s sometimes assumed that softshell crabs aren’t crabs at all, and in fact a separate species entirely. We assure you, this is a falsehood. Soft-shell crabs are simply crabs that have outgrown their original shells and are actually in the process of growing brand new ones. In a sense, this is a molting process similar to what birds go through, or snakes do when they shed their previously used skin. This is why soft shell crabs tend to be seasonal. 

During this unique molting process, a crab forms a soft-shell underneath and actually cracks open its old one to emerge and begin the process of growing a new one. 

At Captain Eddie’s Seafood, we offer this delectable dish for a reasonable price. For just $29, you can get three soft-shell blue crabs. These go rather quickly, so be sure to take advantage of this offer while we have them to offer. 

Dining at Captain Eddie’s Seafood

While our supply of soft-shell crab is limited, Captain Eddie’s is open all year long and offers the highest quality seafood at prices that are agreeable. We also have our own fish market in case you want to take some of our catches home for your own recipes. For a menu, reservations, and more tasty tidbits if information like the one you’ve just read, visit us at

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