Get the Best Stone Crabs & Live Music at Captain Eddie’s

Consuming mouthwatering foods is certainly one of the best indulgences that life has to offer. Scrumptious stone crabs are a highly sought-after type of seafood, and Florida’s stone crab season begins on October 15th. This wonderful time of year runs through May 2nd, allowing fans many months to take advantage of this popular shellfish. When paired with the enjoyment of listening to live music, what a duo to relish. Captain Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant is the perfect establishment to visit for this winning combination. 
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The main event in any restaurant should always be centered around food. After all, people go to eateries to relax by ordering delicious meals and being served without worrying about the prep work involved, cooking and then cleaning up afterward. Live music as an accompaniment can be thought of as the finishing touch. Interestingly, the style of music that is playing while you dine can influence the way that your food tastes. High-frequency sounds cause sweet tastes to be dominant in foods, while low-frequency sounds tend to bring bitter flavors to the forefront. Most people are unaware of this surprising and seemingly strange phenomenon. Because of this theory, it is key for restaurants to mindfully select their choices in live music so that guests have the most gratifying experiences possible.

There have been studies regarding the effects that music has on our overall health. Research indicates that listening to music while dining increases the enjoyment of the entire experience. By routinely frequenting live music venues, you can enhance your physical and emotional well-being. A welcoming atmosphere that promotes upbeat socialization can boost cheerfulness and create feelings of contentment. Smiling, laughing, and listening to live music is conducive to elevating your mood. Research has shown that the brain releases a chemical called dopamine which can become unleashed as an emotional response to pleasing music. Dopamine causes people to experience happiness, and this “feel good” chemical also gets released when bonding with other people. 

Captain Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant serves mouthwatering stone crabs and an awesome selection of additional shellfish and other fish. Many varieties of fish are chock full of vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids which are extremely beneficial to the mind and body. We provide customers with premium dishes, have an accommodating staff, set affordable prices, and provide terrific live music. You may also visit our fish market to browse a wide choice of fresh, local quality seafood to take home. We are situated at 107 E. Colonia Lane in Nokomis, Florida and our phone number is (941) 484-4372.

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