Enjoying the Best Fresh Local Seafood in Nokomis

Here at Captain Eddie’s Seafood, we believe in providing our customers with the very best selection of fish and other forms of seafood for our customers. If you’ve ever visited our location, then you’re certainly well aware of the quality and freshness of our selection. In this day and age, more and more people are becoming conscious about the healthy choices they make in their diet, and seafood can be a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle and quality of life. Today, we’ll be providing some tasty tidbits of information as to why this is. fresh seafood near venice

Low in Fat, High in Protein

Protein is one of the essential building blocks of any diet. While there are a variety of ways to get a significant dose of this, many protein-rich foods also have high amounts of cholesterol and fat. Many species of fish, such as salmon and tuna, are very low in fat and have high concentrations of protein. This makes them ideal for recovery following a workout. 

Owner of a Healthy Heart 

Heart health is important to us as we grow older. A diet that has two to three servings of seafood a week is an excellent way to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. In Fact, it’s actually recommended by the American Heart Association. Seafood contains fatty acids known as Omega-3s that help regulate cholesterol and are essential for healthy blood flow. 

A Healthy Mind 

Many people have referred to seafood as “brain food,” and there’s a very good reason for that. Many of the nutrients found in fish have been beneficial for the brain and have been proven to help maintain cognitive functions as we age. Several medical studies have also shown that a diet rich in various forms of seafood can also improve mental health and focus. 

Healthier Skin and Hair 

If you’ve ever wondered why so many cosmetologists and beauticians recommend fish oils for their clients, it’s because seafood and fish oils, which are both rich in Omega-3s, have an abundance of nutrients that are essential for the growth and retention of healthy hair and skin. Not only will you be doing your brain and body good by consuming more seafood, but you’ll also be doing your appearance a great service as well. 

Captain Eddie’s Seafood 

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