Embrace the Healthy Benefits That Crab Has to Offer

Here at Captain Eddie’s Seafood, we pride ourselves on the rich selection of fresh food that we serve at our restaurant and sell at our in-store market. If you’re looking for a new breed of seafood that tastes excellent and possesses nutritional value, we think you’ll like the news that we have to share with you today. Crab is a world-renowned healthy dish and one of the most delectable dishes. It is often associated with sophistication and fine dining. The healthful attributes are what our focus is today.

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High in Protein & Low in Fat 

Like other popular breeds of seafood, crab is rich in protein and has a low-fat content; because of this, crab is an ideal pre or post-workout meal, as it contains the same amount of protein as chicken and red meat but without saturated fats and cholesterol. 

Owner of a Healthy Heart 

Many medical studies have shown crabs to be beneficial for sustaining heart health. Crab is rich in omega-3s and zinc, essential for regulating cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends that adults get two to three servings of seafood a week to regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks. 

Improved Mental Focus 

Aside from its high protein concentrations, carbs contain selenium, copper, and other B vitamins. These can improve mental focus and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as we age. 

Beneficial for the Bones 

Maintaining bone health is imperative as we age. Crab meat is rich in calcium and [phosphorus, which can help keep bone structure and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

Better for the Blood 

As mentioned earlier, crab meat is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. One of the benefits it offers concerning this is it allows blood to flow much more manageable. This is due to the rich concentrations of copper. Proper blood flow allows quicker recovery times and increases metabolism. 

Get Your Fill at Captain Eddie’s Seafood 

After reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a sudden craving for crab. There’s only one viable solution–come to Captain Eddie’s Seafood today and get your fill. Whether you purchase from our fish market or enjoy a few cocktails at our restaurant, there’s no better way to enjoy crab than with us. To learn more about us, visit https://www.captaineddiesseafood.com