Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day with Captain Eddie’s

Buffalo, barbecue, classic, and lemon garlic are just a few of the most popular flavors of one of the most beloved snacks we have – chicken wings.  National Chicken Wing Day is July 29th this year, and we can’t wait!  The beloved finger food is ideal for so many situations, be it a game day with the guys, a quick dinner, or party food for your next get-together that is sure to make everyone happy.  best seafood restaurant nokomis

The beloved chicken wing originated in Buffalo, New York at the Anchor Bar.  The owner, Teressa Bellissimo whipped up a quick midnight snack for their son and his friends with a simple combo of fried chicken wings, hot sauce, and butter, and the rest is history.  Stan Makowski, a Buffalo mayor, designed July 29th National Chicken Wing Day in 1977, and rightfully so!

A few years later, the ever-popular fast food chain McDonald’s introduced Mighty Wings in 1990, and KFC quickly followed by releasing their Hot Wings a year later.  To celebrate this year, try throwing a chicken wing party!  Have each of your guests bring their best wings for a wing cook-off with a huge variety of flavors, sauces, spices, and rubs for everyone to try.  You can also enter a chicken wing eating contest and go down in infamy for chowing down on the most wings!  Some restaurants even offer up free wings to celebrate their annual holiday.  

There are actually a lot of benefits to chicken wings in addition to how tasty they are.  Chicken is a healthy food packed with lean protein.  There are high levels of vitamin B which is great for digestion and boosting your immune system.  The sauces can add extra calories and sugar, but plain wings are low in saturated fats and cholesterol.  

If you want a place to sit down and celebrate Wing Day this year, come to Captain Eddie’s!  We may be known for our fresh local delicious seafood, but we make a mean wing as well! Our Jumbo Chicken Wings appetizer can be tossed in garlic butter, BBQ, teriyaki, or buffalo sauce.  We serve them up with crisp celery and your choice of ranch or blue cheese for dipping. They’re perfect to share or polish off all on your own!  You can easily make reservations online or by phone at (941) 484-4372, and we are conveniently located at 107 East Colonia Lane in Nokomis, Florida.