Celebrate National Baked Scallops Day at Captain Eddie’s Seafood

By the time you’re getting around to reading this, Valentine’s Day will be far behind you. And while you might have spent a pretty penny or two on an extravagant feast for you and your significant other, there’s another feast rapidly approaching that you won’t be able to say no to. And, at Captain Eddie’s Seafood, we’re asking you to RSVP for it. And what are we referring to? What feast in the month of march takes place? Why, National Baked Scallops Day! This holiday around one of the tastiest treats to come from the sea takes place on March 12th, and we want to see you come and dine with us. 
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A Few Facts About Scallops

No matter what seafood restaurant you walk into, you’re more than likely to see scallops occupying a spot on the menu. This is because they’re found in just about every ocean across the globe. As such, they’ve attained widespread popularity and are considered one of the tastiest selfish offerings. More often than not, there are two parts of the scallop that are sold at fish markets that are ideal for human consumption. The first of these is what’s known as the adductor muscle; this is the meat that’s usually colored white and is commonly served in most seafood restaurants. The bright orange of the scallop is what’s referred to as the coral. These aren’t served as often as they sometimes contain toxins and have a flavor that’s best described as an “acquired taste.” 

Tastes Good and Good For You 

Like so many other types of seafood, scallops have many healthy attributes to them. Depending upon how they’re prepared, scallops have low concentrations of fat but high amounts of protein. If you’re someone who’s looking to take better care of their heart, then scallops can be an excellent low-calorie food to integrate into your diet. Many shellfish contain fatty acids known as Omega-3s, which help regulate cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends that all adults get two to three servings of fish a week to promote cardiovascular health, so why not come down to Captain Eddie’s and reap the rewards? 

Captain Eddie’s Seafood 

Whether it’s scallops, a romantic dinner date, or any other occasion, Captain Eddie’s Seafood is the best location you’ll ever visit for fine dining and fish. For a menu, reservations, and much more, drop an anchor over at captaineddiesseafood.com.

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