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Seafood is a fantastic type of cuisine to add to your diet regularly. Many customers are not exactly sure what to look for when selecting fresh fish. Captain Eddie’s offers helpful tips below. 

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It is important that you examine the ice where the fish is stored. Be certain that the ice is drained rather than having a liquid consistency and that it is pristine in appearance. Furthermore, the ice should not contain graying or staining of any kind as this may be a sign that the ice is not changed often.

Fresh Fish

Ask the fishmonger for advice about selecting fish as well as suggestions for preparation. Find out if the fish has already been frozen. Although flash-freezing methods have improved significantly so that the texture of fish is barely influenced due to freezing, it must not be frozen again and is best consumed the same day it is bought. Packaged fish must be contained inside clean and dry wrapping and there should never be an unfavorable smell of any kind as this is a warning that the fish is decaying. 

Whole Fresh Fish

Whole fresh fish has characteristics that you can look for in order to secure a great catch. Sight, smell, and touch are three of the senses that will lead you to a successful purchase. The fish itself should look like it did when it was still alive with clear and protruding eyes, radiant and glossy skin with tightly stacked scales, and damp gills that are a shade of red. It is crucial that the fish is not offensive at all when it comes to smell. Feel the flesh of the skin and make certain that it is firm and flexible to the touch. While pushing down on the flesh, it should spring right back and not cause a dent. 

Fresh Fish Steaks and Fillets 

The wonderful benefits of purchasing steaks and fillets are that the cleaning has already been taken care of, you can purchase the exact amount desired, and you will have less preparation to worry about. When choosing steaks and fillets the flesh should be dense and moist. Do not select fish that have a white-looking film on the surface since that is an indicator of dehydration. You should also look for coloring that is even all over when purchasing fish. White-fleshed fish like cod and bass should not have any sections that are darkened. 

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