Best Fish and White Wine Combos

When ordering fresh fish of your choice, you may wonder which white wine to select that will most enhance your meal. Captain Eddie’s Seafood brings you the best fish and white wine combos.
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Sole and Flounder

Sole is a mild fish with a somewhat meaty consistency. Flounder is also mild with a sweetness and firmness to it. Textured white wines such as Grüner Veltliner or Muscadet are ideal for pairing with both fish.

Snapper, Flounder, and Grouper

Mild and sweet with a flaky quality, snapper, flounder, and grouper are usually prepared as filets. White wines like a Chenin Blanc, a dry Vouvray or Montlouis, Savennèires, or a Steen from South Africa go nicely with these fish.

Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass is a tender, flaky fish. It is best to pair with Sancerre from the Loire Valley or a White Burgundy for stronger flavors. Italian Vermentino is a full and green lighter choice that also partners excellently. 

Cod and Haddock

Cod is known for its sizable moist and sweet flakes. Haddock is a lot like cod, but a little sweeter and more delicate. Either fish is wonderful to match with Pinot Gris or even an Albariño.


Tuna is available in many variations including yellowfin, ahi, and bluefin as the most popular selections. Opt for a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc if you are presenting the tuna raw or with faint Asian spices or lime. Other styles of tuna dishes are coupled nicely with a textured white wine such as Grüner Vetliner.


Salmon is a thick, meaty fish that has a mild flavor compared to its peers. Its more condensed flesh and unique taste can handle big and bold Chardonnay or Viogniers with a pleasant ease. 

Swordfish and Sturgeon

Swordfish and sturgeon have exceedingly meaty textures with a notable buttery and sweet flavor. Chablis or Chardonnay suit the characteristics of these two fish.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi has a firmness to its texture while being milder than other meaty types of fish. Sauvignon Blanc and light white wines are quite agreeable with Mahi Mahi. 


Scallops are tender and sweet with a velvety texture. Chardonnay of South African Chenin Blanc partners terrifically in creamy sauces. Sauvignon Blanc is the go-to wine for lighter fare.


Shrimp is a sweet and tender meat. Shrimp cocktail goes hand-in-hand with an off-dry Riesling, while shrimp pastas pair well with bone-dry Muscadet. Seared shrimp couple fantastically with a mix of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Lobster and Crab

Lobster and crab are highly appealing with their rich buttery flavors and meaty textures. Buttery Chardonnay is a stellar soulmate for both lobster and crab. A dry Chenin Blanc is a delightful partner, too.

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