Best Beer to Pair with Oysters

Food and beverage pairings can take your dining experience to the next level. If you’re planning on enjoying a seafood meal with oysters, consider pairing your food with beer. These are the best oyster and beer pairings.

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Oysters and beer are a better pairing than you may think. Oyster has a brine that not only complements beer but actually highlights certain aspects of the drink. The crisp carbonation of beer washes the flavor of oysters clean for a unique and flavorful profile that is sure to please any palate. 


As you may already know, there are a wide variety of oysters and beers out there. Oysters from different areas have different flavor profiles, while different beers are brewed in different ways to create unique flavors.


When picking oysters and beers to pair together, start with a Northeastern oyster like a Glidden Point, Winter Point Select, or a Basket Island. Match this fish with a golden ale. Golden ales are bright and light with hints of honey, herbs, and fruit, which pair perfectly with the savory brine and slight sweetness of a Northeastern oyster’s meat.


On the other hand, if you prefer something with a darker flavor, you can opt for stouts. Stouts and oysters are a popular match and for good reason. Stouts are dark and rich beers that have a soft feel in the mouth. The body of a stout is incredibly complementary to the sharp brine of an oyster.


The final oyster and beer pairing you must try is oysters and citrus beer. Belgian-style wheat beers feature a hint of citrus that helps bring out the fresh flavors of oysters. This light and refreshing pairing are excellent for your next seafood meal.


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