Beer Pairing Guide: Best Seafood & Beer Combinations

Get ready for the upcoming International Beer Day (August 5th) with this handy guide to seafood and beer combinations. Yes, seafood goes excellent with beer any lunch or dinner at Captain Eddie’s.
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Best Seafood & Beer Pairings

Try these excellent fish and beer pairings for an outstanding meal with friends.

  • Shrimp & Pale Ale
      • Captain Eddie’s makes great shrimp meals like Rock Shrimp and Jumbo Coconut Breaded Shrimp. Beer aficionados recommend mixing those tasty entrees with a nice pale ale. Since shrimp is delicious without an overpowering aftertaste, the same should go for your beer selection.
  • Chowder & Porter
      • Soups and chowders lend themselves well to porters and stouts. Our most popular is the New England Clam Chowder, which you might pair with a malty, chocolaty porter to capture a full-fledged dairy experience.
  • Crab Legs & Pilsner
      • Crab fans love to mix the seafood with a bitter beer like Pilsner Urquell, Beck’s, or Bitburger. Both crab and pilsners are an acquired taste for certain folks. So, it might take a few tries to appreciate it fully.
  • Oysters & Stout
      • Oysters might depend on whether you fry them or eat them raw. Stouts like Berline Weisse go especially well with raw oysters. There’s something about mixing shellfish with strong malty flavors you get in a solid-black stout.
  • Scallops & IPA
      • IPAs are strong and contain lots of fruit flavors and hops. If it’s a sweet beer you enjoy, then scallops are the perfect compliment. IPAs come in many styles and usually occupy a large portion of the craft brew section in your grocery store.
  • Salmon & Amber Ale
    • Many patrons find salmon to be the most palatable seafood even among those who are averse to many fish items. That means you can probably mix it with anything, but we recommend an equally amenable amber ale. This is especially true for grilled salmon.

Don’t fret if you don’t follow these exact prescriptions. This really only scratches the surface on how to match beer with fish. Plus, for non-beer fans, there are also a ton of ways to mix seafood with white wines, cocktails, and great drinks.

Captain Eddie’s Seafood gives you the chance to enjoy fresh fish either through a dining experience or through our seafood market. It’s hot this summer, so consider visiting us for great food and a refreshing cold beer. Contact us to learn more about our menu items or anything else at 941-484-4372.

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